Background on industrial

symbiosis projects Quebec


Consumption of natural resources and waste management are important issues for businesses and communities. Economic, environmental and societal considerations have led to improved practices and to the creation of new management tools, such as the development of industrial symbiosis projects.

1993-1998 – Quebec secondary materials exchange (Bourse québécoise des matières secondaires, BQMS)

In 1993, RECYC-QUÉBEC launched the Quebec secondary materials exchange to promote the recycling of materials such as paper, glass, metal, electronic waste and textiles generated by industries, businesses and institutions. This initiative allowed for the creation of a network specialised in waste recovery and recycling.

2005 – Quebec industrial waste exchange (Bourse des résidus industriels du Québec, BRIQ)

In 2005, the Centre de transfert technologique en écologique industrielle (CTTÉI) relaunched the exchange with the addition of technical assistance in order to optimise synergies between businesses offering and requesting materials. The website of the new Quebec industrial waste exchange (Bourse des résidus industriels du Québec, BRIQ is an automated matching tool that allows for greater visibility and participation from member businesses. The Quebec industrial waste exchange also helped implement industrial ecology in Quebec.

2008 – Industrial symbiosis at the Bécancour industrial park and port

In 2008, the Quebec industrial waste exchange model was applied to a defined region: Bécancour industrial park and port  To establish its first industrial symbiosis (of the ecoparc variety), the CTTÉI developed tools to encourage local organizations and participating businesses to work proactively.


Between 2010 and 2012, the CTTÉI worked on and collaborated with numerous industrial symbiosis projects. Please contact the local managers to find out more about their processes.

2010 – Lanaudière

2010 – Rivière-du-Loup

2011 – Shawinigan

2012 – Partners in Project Green, PPG (Toronto)

2012 – Centre-du-Québec

2013 – Synergie Québec

In 2013, the CTTÉI launched Synergie Québec, an online platform that includes the various industrial symbiosis projects initiated by the CTTÉI or carried out with its collaboration.

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