Research and development
for adding value to waste (R&D)


The Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI) accompanies you in the different steps towards implementing an industrial symbiosis:

  • Support in the creation, development and management of an industrial symbiosis;
  • Assessment of regional flows (materials, water, energy);
  • Identification of potential synergies;
  • Technical feasibility testing;
  • Proposals of new services and new complementary businesses within the region;
  • Implementation and monitoring of synergies.

The CTTÉI offers a range of technical services in order to help you optimise your waste management. In some cases, materials, water and energy require an analysis and/or treatment before they can be recycled into a new industrial process.

Improved waste management

  • Audit and assessment of management systems;
  • Creation of recommendations and action plans;
  • Identification of business opportunities;
  • Employee training;
  • Performance monitoring.

Research of industrial synergy opportunities

  • Material characterisations;
  • Technical literature review of existing value-adding processes;
  • Consultations with experts and partners (e.g. professional, technical, university professionals etc.);
  • Brainstorming workshops to identify possible solutions;
  • Information gathering from service providers;
  • Solicitation of waste recovery companies, recyclers and other businesses likely to be interested in residual materials;
  • Prioritisation of proposed methods for optimising generated materials.

Applied research projects (R&D) in ecomaterial optimisation and development

  • Sampling and characterisation of by-products and other residual materials (equipment list) ;
  • Sample conditioning;
  • Optimisation proposals;
  • Laboratory testing;
  • Physicochemical analyses and standardisation of product properties;
  • Technical and economical feasibility studies;
  • Program certification support.

Examples of research and development projects

Contact us to find out how we can help you establish projects in sustainable industrial waste management or sustainable development!